SheBoss Scholars is an intensive 8 weeks practical skills training program for qualified primary and secondary school teachers. The program aims at equipping teachers with hands-on skills which they can leverage on to supplement their income through salary.

Rooted from Harriet Agasiru’s story, a private school teacher who lost her only source of income due to COVID-19 and resorted to selling maize on the street; SheBoss aims to enhance livelihoods and promote economic recovery for teachers, especially those who lost their sources of income due to COVID 19.

Upon completion of the program, beneficiaries are furnished with a startup kit to start their businesses. As teachers, the beneficiaries are also expected to pass on the same skills to their learners through the curricular activities and also the young people in their communities.

EMPOWERMENT: Rego Foundation has equipped me with hands-on-skills, and unraveled the untapped potential in me. There is a lot I can do. Thank You Susan Hirego and Rego Foundation
for believing in us. I can not suffer with poverty again.

– Harriet Agasiru


Financial Literacy

This module will provide you with a safe space to gain relevant knowledge, skills and confidence to manage your personal, family and business finances well. The program will introduce you to components of budgeting, saving and spending, loan management and investment through fun, experiential learning and participatory approaches.

Practical Skills

This module focuses on hands-on skills.
Participants engage in;
Soap Making,
Leather Design(shoe making),
Jewelry Making
Crop Husbandry.


This module will emphasize teachers' communication skills, behavior change and business management; providing a safe space for teachers to develop learner-centered techniques and business acumen. This module aims to understand each individual and their abilities.

Video Testimonials

Harriet Agasiru

Fellow, Cohort 01

Apio Stella

Fellow, Cohort 01