SheBoss is a 6-weeks training program for micro entrepreneurs designed to accelerate the growth and success of micro-enterprises through an array of business development services that are critical to the entry, survival, productivity, competitiveness and growth of small businesses. 

SheBoss aims to improve the performance of small enterprises by leveraging access to financial and non-financial services and expanding markets for microenterprise products and services. 

Upon completion of the program, beneficiaries are on boarded onto the RegoNow;  linked to working capital grants and subsequent flexible micro loans. 






Skill Level

6 weeks





Financial Literacy

This module will provide you with a safe space to gain relevant knowledge, skills and confidence to manage your personal, family and business finances well. The program will introduce you to components of budgeting, saving and spending, loan management and investment through fun, experiential learning and participatory approaches.

Skills Development

This module focuses on building women's capacities in harnessing livelihoods strategies through entrepreneurial induction, skills training and product development.
Participants engage in;
Soap Making
General Crafts.


This module will emphasize women's communication skills, behavior change and business management; providing a safe space for women to become thought leaders. This module aims to understand each individual and their abilities.

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