Susan Hirego

President & CEO

As Founder of Rego Foundation; Susan Hirego serves as the President & CEO. She is a Social Entrepreneur with vast knowledge in financial management, business administration, organisational development and technology. A visionary operations executive; Susan is a hands-on inspirational leader who is passionate about empowering individuals to thrive and achieve excellence. Susan has verifiable success in managing complex initiatives, creating value-added programs and increasing Organisational visibility.

Dorothy Nandinghi

Chief Finance Officer

Dorothy is a strategic and analytical finance professional with more than 5 years track record delivering outstanding results and business value in financial reporting, data analysis and management. Dorothy holds a BSc in Quantitative Economics from Makerere University and MSc in Economic Research from the University of North Texas. Dorothy leverages her experience working with the Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mea – Texas, USA) and Tenet Health Care (Dallas, Texas) to ensure that Rego Foundation meets it’s financial goals. She is passionate about empowering young women to become self-sufficient and therefore initiated the financial literacy component in our SheBoss Program and RegoNow loans and savings platform.

Kitale Sarah Wakadala

Programs Manager

Sarah is a social work professional with more than 10 years track record working with various Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) in marginalized communities across the country. Sarah has been in charge of founding Community Based Organisations (CBOs) like Charity Hiv/Aids Intervention Program (CHIP), and NGOs such as KWA MOYO, Uganda Family Resource Link, to mention but a few; she has also worked with top NGOs like Child Restoration Outreach (CRO) Uganda and The Aids Support Organisation (TASO). Sarah’s experience has made her a natural social worker and self-motivated team leader.

Sarah actively participates in planning processes for Rego Foundation and is the focal point for the young women and girls in the communities we serve. 

Matilda Nakiito Namutebi

Administrative Assistant

Matilda holds a diploma in Business Administration with a major in accounting. She is self-motivated and passionate about empowering young women and girls. She has been a member of Rego Foundation since its inception where she served as a volunteer, did her internship and later joined the team as the Administrative Assistant.

Nanteza Pauline

 Programs Assistant

Pauline is an entrepreneurial minded community worker passionate about working with young women and girls through hands-on skilling. Pauline brings new ideas to the table, contributes to constantly adapting programs, and actively participates in planning processes for Rego Foundation. Her work involves facilitating teams and embedding innovation processes to define and develop positively impactful business models.

Our Skilling Team

Joel Mwanja

Digital Literacy Instructor

Joan Tekako

General Crafts Instructor

Nixon Ochatre

Financial Literacy Instructor